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...just a few brands of ice machines we offer sales & service on


Yes! We Service All Major Brands of Ice Machines, No Matter When or Where You Purchased it From!

Ice Machine Service
Polar Ice Systems has been servicing ice machines since the old hot-wire grid machines came out! Some of you might even remember those!

We pride ourselves in boasting that we are not a refrigeration service company that just "dabbles" in fixing ice machines. Our customers can take pride in knowing that our technicians are some of the most highly-qualified in the country!

How can we prove this you ask?

Simply by the records kept by the top 4 manufacturers of ice machines that our techs have achieved high marks on attending all the factory training possible. So much that we have achieved the high status of Contracted Service Representative. For manufacturers such as Manitowoc - Scotsman - Ice-o-matic - Hoshizaki .

The CSR status is the highest ranked service company that the factory refers customers to in certain territories.

Please feel free to call these manufacturers as a reference to back up our claims .
We want any future customer to feel comfortable with having us service their equipment.

Our parts inventory is not matched by any other service company. What does this mean?
It means that when you call Polar to fix your ice machine, there is a very good chance it will be fixed on the first visit, instead of waiting days, and even weeks waiting for other companies to obtain parts. This also saves you money from not having to purchase large amounts of ice while the unit is down also.

Our territory is extensive, but with our technicians being based from their homes in different parts of our territory, the travel charges are usually minimal, and a quicker response time.
Our licensed, EPA certified service team is ready for your calls 24/7/365 days per year.





Ice Machine Maintenance Contracts
Want to own your own equipment, but still want us to take the headaches out of owning it? Well , this is the option for you!!!

We start out by customizing it to your needs. We send out a representative to give your machine a free - no charge inspection and consultation. We will quote you a fair monthly/quarterly/yearly rate based on the age, condition ,environment, water quality.

There are different levels of coverage where it can cover as much as a complete rental unit, or as minimal as just a couple cleanings per year.


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