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Our filter program for Polar lease customers:

We provide and install a high quality filter rack with any rental/lease of an ice system. You only pay for the cost of the replacement cartridges themselves. And customers who own their own machine already, and just need filters changed, our water filter program consists of no labor, or service call charges, simply the cost of the cartridges!! You let us know what intervals you need them changed, and our maintenance program prints out a reminder for our Maintenance Dept to change the cartridges!! Its as simple as that !! You might say, "yeah right, how can they do that?"
We purchase water filters in mass quantity, which enable us to compete with even the restaurant catalogs! Ask them if they'll come out and change your filters!!

The Smart Choice...for low volume ice and beverage applications: Model 1-S for ice and coffee applications. CUNO’s System ONE helps you improve customer satisfaction, and profitability.


• Increased energy efficiency
• Reduces chlorine and offensive odors
• User friendly design
• Substantially improve quality of ice therefore
enhancing the quality of your beverages
• Minimize nasty chemical descaling
• Prevents key components in ice machine
from plugging
• Pre-filter provides extra sediment and dirt
• Protects your carbonator pump
• Decreases syrup costs
• Inhibits clogging of your drinking system
• Provides consistent quality beverages



  • ANSI/NSF International tested and certified
filter cartridges
• Unibody manifold provides greater strength
and durability
• Designed to minimize leak points
• Sanitary quick change cartridges
• Flexible choices in degrees of filtration
• Unique pre-filter media
• Compact space saving design
• Easy to install mounting bracket
• Connects to cold water line refer to
installation instructions for more information
• Built-in shut-off valve

Ice Related Products

  • scoops - available in plastic or aluminum
  • ice bags - high strength plastic with wire ties - 1000/case competitively priced to get your "bag your own ice program" on the ground and running! 7-lb. or 20-lb. available
  • bagger kits - make it simple for your employees to bag your own ice, and watch your profits soar!
Manitowoc's Ice Bagger lets you bag ice on premise to maximize your net profit. It is ideal for all bagged-ice retailers, including grocery stores, convenience stores, marinas, and campgrounds

Small Office/Undercounter Cuber
The smallest of the Manitowoc family of ice cube machines are self contained, air-cooled models that produce from 65lbs to 95lbs of dice cubes a day. The QM ice machines are designed to fit under a counter, behind a bar, or in spot locations like coffee shops, hotel suites or office break areas.
QM20 / QM30 / QM 45

Ice Cube Dispensers

Give the employees in your office the added benefit of having fresh ice for their enjoyment. For one low monthly rate, we furnish, install, and perform all cleanings and maintenance!! We offer the most hassle-free program available!

Be the hero at your factory/office by offering your fellow employees fresh ice and water from this system! It can be set on your countertop in your breakroom, and no worries of unsanitary hands getting near the ice! Call us for a free consultation. We will come out and measure the space you provide, and give you an upfront rental or purchase quote!

Ice/Beverage Dispensers
We work hand in hand with all the major beverage companies on installing our cubers on these ice/beverage dispensers. Contact us to find out how to get started!

Condensate pump

Don't have a floor drain? We have just the solution! If you need an ice machine, but don't have a true floor drain, we can sell you this pump that takes care of your drainage problems.* For $69 +tax, it sure is a cheaper than hiring a plumber to run an expensive floor drain!Works like a sump pump: ice machine drain runs into the plastic reservoir. Once full, it pumps it to your nearest drain. It's that simple!!
*Not compatible with all brands/models of ice machines, please consult our sales department before using one on your machine -- we can save a lot of headaches!


Hydraulic Post Mix - gun and pump are the only thing required to begin dispensing energy drink.


Crathco Frozen Beverage Dispensers Model #3311
Price New :: $3900.00 + shipping
Price Used (while available) :: $1200.00 + shipping
  • Available in 115V/60Hz and 220V/50Hz
  • Optional auto fill base stand, filter kits, black metal panels and drink spinners available
  • 3/4 HP compressor
  • Quality stainless steel construction
  • Choice of attractive back lit promotional signs
  • "Mix Low" light
  • Dependable consistency control
  • Efficient refrigeration system
  • Illuminated dispensing valve

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