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  • Energy Ice is a concentrate in half-gallon or 3-gallon BIBs

  • Serve it CHILLED or FROZEN - Dispense from a Gun, Bubbler or Frozen
    Beverage Machine

  • PRICED TO SAVE YOU $$$ - High quality, moderately priced Overcomes the High Cost of competitive Energy Drinks, by the BIB or the CAN!

  • A Staggering 5+1 Mix Ratio! - Its Nutraceutical Composition mirrors other popular brands on the market, but its 1+5 mix ratio BLOWS AWAY the other brand’s 1+3 and 1+4 cost and profit projections.

  • One Product Creates a VARIETY of BEVERAGES! - Mix with water or carbonated water to make an ENERGY DRINK; e.g. “Jäger Bomb” or in a blender with ice or add your favorite alcohol for an extra ‘Energy’ COCKTAIL. Add Royale’s Premium White Label Fruit Purees to make a variety of “Flavored Energy Drinks.”

  • Available in two flavors: Citrus Sensation and Tropical Sensation.

Energy Ice BIBs are equipped with a gray clamp-style connector. This requires a gray QC/D adapter to connect the Bag-in-Box to your dispensing system. If you currently use a red Coke screw-on or a blue Pepsi screw-on connector, you will need to purchase a gray QC/D connector with your first order.  Changing the connector is a simple process pictured below. If you still have a problem, please contact us.

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